I am enchanted and always fascinated by the essence of light, captivated by the manner in which it plays with color, manipulates form, creates mood, and drama. This is what draws me to a particular landscape, scene, or what I try to create in a still life. This observation experience is only the starting point for my inspiration.  Faithful representation is but part of the equation, as my imagination, mood, and memories inevitably play a role in the creation of a painting. It is indeed a painting of a teapot, a pear, a flower, field, or path, but it's also so much more. To quote Annie Bevan - Art is our memory of love. The most an artist can do through their work is say, let me show you what I have seen, what I have loved, and perhaps you will see it and love it too. 

Thank you for viewing my paintings.

    - Susan Meyer Sinyai